Weighing Guide for Accurate Results

Purebun.com – For someone who is losing weight or maintaining a normal weight, weighing may become a routine. However, to get accurate results, the use of scales can not be arbitrary. Come on, see the right way to weigh yourself!

Scales are tools that are widely used to measure body weight. However, the use of an inaccurate scale can actually make users mistakenly understand the changes in the numbers shown.

One of the mistakes in using a scale is to weigh yourself all the time. In fact, weight measurements can fluctuate throughout the day, so you can’t weigh them all the time.

Therefore, you need to understand how to weigh the right weight, including the best time to get accurate results.

The Right Guide to Weighing

Weighing Guide for Accurate Results

The following are some guidelines for weighing so that the results are in accordance with the actual condition of your body:

1. Avoid weighing every day

Weight is actually a reflection of what happens in the body over a long period of time. Therefore, reducing food or eating too much in one day is not immediately observed on the scales.

So, there is no point in weighing yourself constantly every day. This habit can actually make someone obsessed with the numbers listed on the scales. Once a week is enough to monitor changes in your weight.

It should also be noted that weight gain or loss can be caused by many factors, such as weather conditions, hormonal changes that trigger fluid buildup, and consumption of salty or starchy foods.

2. Weigh at the same time

Try to weigh yourself at the same time each week. Also use the same scales and try to wear similar clothes. However, avoid using shoes and clothes with thick and heavy materials, because they can cause weight gain.

The recommended time to weigh yourself is in the morning. This is because in the morning the body weight is relatively not affected by the consumption of fluids and solid foods.

3. Choose the right type of scale

The type of scale also affects the accuracy of weight measurement. There are two types of scales on the market, namely analog and digital. Analog scales are spring scales and rely on the human eye for accurate readings. This often results in errors in reading.

Meanwhile, digital scales usually display the results in the form of numbers listed on the screen, so you don’t have to struggle to get accurate results. Research also shows that digital scales are accurate in calculating total body weight.

4. Pay attention to the position of the scales

Make sure the scale you use is on a completely flat surface when weighing yourself. This is because a thick, soft carpet or uneven floor risks causing inaccuracies in the figures shown.

5. Use another way to measure changes in body weight

Weighing needs to be combined with calculating body mass index (BMI) to find out whether your weight is normal, excessive, or includes obesity criteria.

Although it cannot be used to determine the percentage of muscle or body fat, these measures can be used to detect the health risks associated with being overweight.

In addition to scales, several fitness centers provide bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) which is able to measure body fat levels.

In the end, changing weight is not the main goal of exercise or diet. Instead of constantly weighing and obsessing over the numbers on the scales, it’s better to focus on living a healthy lifestyle to achieve your ideal weight.

You can also consult a doctor to get the right advice about daily nutritional intake and exercise choices that suit your health condition.

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