This is the reason lean meat should be the choice  – Lean meat can be a good choice of healthy food for consumption. Not only known as a source of protein, lean meat in fact contains a lower number of calories so it is beneficial in maintaining a healthy and balanced weight.

The term lean meat does not mean that it has absolutely no fat content in it. It’s just that the fat content is very little when compared to the fatty meat.

Reasons Lean Meat Is Healthier

This is the reason lean meat should be the choice

The main difference between regular meat and lean meat is in the amount of calories it contains. As an illustration, each gram of fat contains 9 calories, whereas in each gram of protein contains only 4 calories. Therefore, the number of calories from meat fat can be trimmed if you choose to eat lean meat.

Another example is if you choose chicken. Every 100 grams of chicken breast (without fat and skin), contains 4 grams of fat and 31 grams of protein, for a total of 165 calories. Meanwhile, chicken meat in other parts that are consumed with fat and skin, such as wings, every 100 grams contains 19 grams of fat and 27 grams of protein, for a total containing 290 calories.

This is why choosing lean meats can help you get enough protein while keeping your calorie intake low. Eating lean meats that are high in protein is also beneficial if you’re focused on losing weight and getting into shape.

How to Choose Healthier Meat

This is the reason lean meat should be the choice (2)

Fatty parts of meat, such as chicken skin, taste better. However, there is a danger behind it if consumed too much. Here are some ways to choose the healthiest parts of meat you need to know:

1. Choose the part of the meat with the least fat

In beef, the least fat is on the inside, around the neck, sirloin or outside, and tenderloin or inside. Meanwhile, in goat meat, the part that contains the least amount of fat is found in the deep hash, pieces of meat around the back area, and the legs. While the leanest chicken meat is skinless breast.

2. Read the packaging label

If you buy packaged meat, choose the one that has the label “choice,” “select,” instead of “prime.” “Prime” meat usually contains more fat.

3. Pay attention to the percentage of fat content in packaged meat

If you buy prepackaged or cut meat, choose the one with the highest percentage of lean meat, at 90% or more.

4. Pay attention to the fat content in ground beef

Ground chicken may contain a lot of fat because it usually also contains thigh meat and skin. To be healthier, you can choose ground beef, or choose 90% ground chicken without fat. You can ask the butcher, which part contains the least fat. If you eat meat at a restaurant, you can ask the waiter for the least fat portion.

For those of you who process meat yourself, you can choose cooking methods that can reduce fat content, such as grilling and sauteing. After that, drain and discard the remaining fat. Make sure the meat is completely cooked before consuming.

Don’t forget, also limit processed meats, such as sausages and burger patties, because they usually contain a lot of fat and salt. Apart from meat, you can also get protein intake from other types of food, such as eggs, tofu, fish, low-fat milk, and nuts.

Come on, start selectively choosing meat so that your protein intake is met and you stay healthy! If necessary, consult a nutritionist to find out the recommended number of servings when consuming lean meat.

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