Research: 52 Percent of Asian Investors Own Digital Assets Including Crypto – Research: 52 Percent of Asian Investors Own Digital Assets Including Crypto.The development of crypto asset investment shows positive things. A recent research revealed that crypto assets have become one of the investment portfolios of many retail investors in Asia, including Indonesia.

Accenture research shows that half or 52 percent of Asian investors have digital assets in their portfolios, whether crypto assets, stablecoins, NFTs and crypto funds during the first quarter of 2022. Accenture said the survey was conducted with more than 3,200 clients across China, Hong Kong

Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The company defines their clients as wealthy investors whose assets can be invested between USD 100,000 (Rp 1.4 billion) to USD 1 million (Rp 14.5 billion).

An average of 7 percent of the surveyed correspondent portfolios, making digital assets the fifth largest asset class for investors in Asia. Interestingly, investors in Thailand and Indonesia have the largest percentage of digital assets in their portfolios compared to investors in other countries.

Digital asset investment allocation in Indonesia is still far superior to countries such as India, Singapore, Japan and China.

In Indonesia, digital assets including crypto have a 9 percent share compared to allocations for foreign currencies (5 percent), commodities (6 percent), collectibles (8 percent), property (13 percent) to shares (15 percent).

Crypto Assets Can Be Option

Research 52 Percent of Asian Investors Own Digital Assets Including Crypto

Tokocrypto’s VP of Growth, Cenmi Mulyanto sees the results of this survey as proof that retail investors have confidence in digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs and others as their portfolios to earn profits.

“Crypto as a digital asset is now seen as a promising asset. Although stocks still dominate the investment portfolio, it is believed that investors will gradually start learning about crypto assets. There has been a change in investor behavior, especially among young people who are starting to see crypto as a promising new space,” said Cenmi as quoted from a written statement, Sunday (12/6/2022).

Cenmi said that one of the factors that support the development of crypto asset trading in Indonesia is the high-yield return offering that is not inferior to other investment instruments.

However, he again reminded that investment in this sector is high risk, high return. Unfavorable economic conditions also encourage local investors to seek additional investment opportunities.

“The high rate of crypto adoption could, be linked to the threat of rising inflation, forcing Indonesian investors to turn to crypto as a hedge against uncertainty,” he said.

“It’s not surprising that Indonesians are looking for alternative financial solutions to maintain the value of their savings, through this cryptocurrency, even though it carries a fairly high risk,” he added.

Market penetration

In addition, market penetration of the high use of smartphones, the large number of productive age population who use smartphones, as well as the growing attention and interest of millennials towards technological innovation. The emergence of NFT has also increased public interest in investing in crypto assets.

“The target market for crypto asset investors in Indonesia is the population of productive age 23-44 years. The usis range already has a good financial plan to a steady income. They are also interested in blockchain technology which supports the existence of crypto as a digital asset which is now part of the lifestyle of young people, such as NFT,” said Cenmi.

Interest in crypto assets continues to increase in Indonesia. According to CoFTRA data, transactions for the first three months (January-March) in 2022 have reached Rp 130.2 trillion. In addition, the average increase in crypto asset customers has increased by 740,523 customers every month. Until the first quarter of 2022, crypto assets in Indonesia are recorded to have 12.8 million investors.

It should be noted that the population of crypto investors in Indonesia only consists of about 2.7 percent of the total population, 272 million. Therefore, there is still a huge untapped potential in Indonesia in terms of adoption and growth of crypto assets


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