Don’t Forget These 3 Nutrients When Dieting – Even though you are on a diet, you should not neglect the intake of nutrients that are important for the body. Not only being able to maintain a healthy body, fulfilling nutritional intake is also the key to the success of a diet program.

Dieting to lose weight is not just about limiting calorie intake, but also getting enough nutrients that are important for the body. By meeting nutritional needs, the diet to lose weight that you do will be healthier and avoid the risk of health problems due to malnutrition.

Important Nutrients for Diet

Don't Forget These 3 Nutrients When Dieting

During a diet program, you should not forget the intake of the following three important nutrients:


Consuming calcium-rich foods or drinks is believed to help you lose weight. To get the benefits of calcium, you can eat green vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, tofu, tempeh, milk and various processed products.

Not only can you lose weight, calcium is also important in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.


Fiber is a nutrient that is no less important when you are on a diet or want to maintain an ideal body weight.

This is because high-fiber foods take longer to be absorbed by the body, making you feel full longer. In addition, the intake of high-fiber foods also tends to be low in calories.

Sources of fiber-rich foods that you can consume are corn, kidney beans, brown rice, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, avocados, pears, apples, and broccoli.


Foods high in protein, such as seafood, lean red meat, nuts, green vegetables, and eggs, can help with weight loss. The benefits of this protein can reduce levels of hormones that cause hunger.

In addition, the consumption of protein-rich foods is also important to prevent the loss of muscle mass that can occur during dieting.

In order to get maximum results, complete your daily nutritional needs by eating foods rich in vitamins and other minerals. In addition, you also need to meet the needs of body fluids, exercise regularly, and get enough rest at night.

If you plan to go on a diet or have a history of certain diseases and want to know a diet program that suits your health condition, you should consult a doctor to get advice on the right food menu.

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