Characteristics of Introverts and How to Overcome Them – Introvert is a type of personality that tends to focus more on feelings and thoughts that come from within. There is a growing assumption in society that an introvert person means someone who doesn’t like social relations with other people. However, this assumption is not always true.

Actually, people with introverted personalities, such as the INFJ, INTP, and INTJ personality types, can still socialize, even though they look shy. This is because introverts tend to process things internally and think before speaking, and also prefer what needs to be disclosed to other people and not.

In contrast to extroverts, for example, the ENTP and ambivert personality types, who are more spontaneous and seem confident in expressing their opinions.

Introvert Personality Traits

Characteristics of Introverts and How to Overcome Them

The following are some introvert personality traits that you need to know:

1. More use of the frontal lobe

Several studies on the brain have found that the brains of introverted people tend to use the frontal lobe more, which is the part of the brain that is in charge of planning, thinking about problem solving, and remembering.

2. Oriented to their own minds

In addition, introverts prefer to think about ideas or memories in their own minds. Therefore, activities such as research, reading, or writing can be more attractive to introverts.

3. More comfortable talking face to face

In interacting, introverted people tend to be more comfortable talking one-on-one, compared to talking to a large group of people.

They also usually prefer deep talk and feel that interacting with fewer people, but with deep meaning, can be more beneficial. Introverts interact with many people just for the sake of it.

How to Overcome an Introvert Personality

If you think you have an introverted personality, don’t be shy. You also don’t need to cover up. Enjoy your personality type and develop it in a positive direction. Here are some suggestions for those of you who are introverts so that they can develop themselves, while maintaining emotional health.

1. Write about interesting things

The topics you write about don’t have to be about yourself. You can also use social networks and build strong relationships with many people. This kind of activity will improve communication and social skills.

2. Explore the field of interest

Try to delve into something until you become an expert in that field. Continue to write it down and share that knowledge with others in the same field.

3. Perform simple interactions

Practice simple interactions, such as greeting people with good eye contact. Try to have small conversations with a few people.

4. Learn public speaking

Taking public speaking exercises will make you better able to speak in front of many people. It is also a very efficient channel of energy for an introvert.

5. Enjoying alone time

Occasionally take time for yourself, or popularly called me time. This activity is useful as an effort to refresh yourself from fatigue.

In some cultures, extroverts tend to be preferred over introverts. Based on the general assumption, introverts have mental health and life that is less good than extroverts. However, that is not true.

An introvert can develop his personality and achieve happiness. It’s just that the introvert’s version of happiness may be different from the extrovert’s happiness. Therefore, people with introverted personalities do not need to feel inferior and compare themselves with other people and general assumptions.

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