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8 Low Protein Foods That Are Good For The Body

Purebun.com – 8 Low Protein Foods That Are Good For The Body. Low-protein diet is one method that must be done by someone who has problems with his kidneys.

A person suffering from kidney failure will find it difficult to filter protein, so you have to consume it in small amounts. Protein content does have very important benefits in maintaining the health of the human body.

However, for someone who has a certain medical history, such as metabolic disorders, liver cirrhosis and kidney failure, this therapy should be applied.

A low protein diet in general is to limit protein intake so you don’t eat it in high amounts. In doing a low protein diet must be with planning so as not to cause new medical problems.

Low protein diet

8 Low Protein Foods That Are Good For The Body

Low protein foods will be explained in the exposure below, following low protein diets:

  • Eating fish as a low protein food

For some people, eating fish is something they don’t like. However, you need to know that fish has a low fat content. That way, you can make fish as a side dish that you can consume every day. Fish is one of the foods that contain not too much protein.

  • Chicken skinless meat as low protein food

You can eat chicken but within reasonable limits and not excessive. Chicken skin contains fat that is not good for body health. choose the chicken breast because it is considered to have a low fat content.

In addition, chicken meat is believed to have a low protein content. You can process it by frying or roasting it instead of frying it. Every meal you can eat only half a piece of chicken.

  • Beef as a low protein food

You can eat beef. Choose beef without lard because lard has a lot of fat content. Consume only the meat and within reasonable limits.

  • Egg white as low protein food

You can eat egg whites while on a low protein diet. Chicken egg white has a good protein content and can maintain muscle mass and help repair the cells of the human body.

However, in consuming it must be within reasonable limits. Do not eat egg yolks because they contain high cholesterol. You can eat only one egg white.

  • Nuts as low protein food

Nuts are one of the foods that you can consume. But consume within reasonable limits. Eating nuts helps maintain your muscle mass. You can get vegetable protein from red beans, green beans, tempeh and tofu.

  • Unsalted Yogurt as a low protein food

When running a low protein diet you are still allowed to eat yogurt. But choose yogurt that has a plain flavor variant. Yogurt is one of the dairy products that is a source of protein that has a low fat content.

The good bacteria in yogurt can keep your gut healthy. Consuming yogurt can also prevent constipation.

  • Salmon as a low protein food

This fish contains protein that does not contain fat. Salmon contains omega 3 which is very good for the human body. This content can help make the human heart healthy and salmon can make your body able to fight inflammation or infection.

  • Tofu and tempeh as low protein foods

These two types of side dishes are side dishes that are very popular with various groups. Tofu and tempeh contain vegetable protein which is certainly good for your health. You can avoid cholesterol if you eat this side dish, but you should not eat it fried.

Final Word

Low protein foods have been described by various explanations above. Some people with certain medical conditions must go on a low-protein diet. Protein is one of the nutrients needed by the body. however, daily intake must be considered. It can’t be too much and it can’t be too little.

However, for patients with kidney failure should consume protein in small amounts. You can meet other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, iron and so on. By consuming a small amount of protein, you will not burden the kidneys. So that people with kidney failure can maintain their health by meeting their protein needs in an appropriate amount.

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