6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Drastically

Purebun.com – Many people want to lose weight drastically. However, you should use safe and healthy ways to lose weight. Ideally, the fastest recommended weight loss is about 1 kilogram per week.

Diets for drastic weight loss are generally recommended for people who are obese, especially if this condition has caused health problems.

Doing a diet to lose weight drastically should also be done under the supervision of a doctor so that it does not have a bad effect on health.

In order to lose weight drastically, you need to limit calorie intake and increase calorie burning in the body. To lose half a pound of weight per week, you must burn 500 calories per day. Well, burning these calories must be done properly so that the body remains healthy.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Drastically

6 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Drastically

There are several healthy ways that can help you lose weight drastically, including:

1. Doing exercise regularly

Instead of doing vigorous exercise in one training session, you can simply do light exercise three times a day. Types of exercise that can be done include brisk walking, push ups, or going up and down stairs for at least 7 minutes.

Although the duration is quite short, you can still burn up to 300–500 calories if done three times a day. In addition to light exercise, you can also try lifting weights 3-4 times a week. Lifting weights can burn more calories and speed up your metabolism.

2. Cut sugar and carbohydrates consumption

When you reduce your intake of sugar and carbohydrates, the calories that enter the body are reduced. When experiencing a calorie deficit, the body will burn fat which is a calorie reserve in the body. If you reduce body fat, you will lose weight too.

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3. Increase the intake of protein and vegetables

High protein intake can keep you full longer and reduce your appetite. That way, calorie intake will also be reduced. Examples of high-protein foods are lean meat, fish, shrimp, eggs, beans, tofu, and tempeh.

In addition to protein, also complement your diet with low-calorie vegetables, such as spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, lettuce, and broccoli. The fiber in vegetables will make you feel full quickly. This of course can help you lose weight drastically.

4. Counting calories in

The key to drastic healthy weight loss is to limit your calorie intake. A person’s calorie needs vary, depending on age, gender, and daily activities.

Even though you need to cut your calorie intake, it doesn’t mean you don’t eat at all. Intake of too few calories will make the body weak, and will cause various disorders in the body in the long run.

To find out how many calories you need to consume in order to lose weight drastically in a healthy way, you can consult further with a nutritionist.

5. Meet the needs of body fluids

Adequate body fluids can help you lose weight drastically. You are advised to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. A study shows that people who drink enough water tend to be easier to control their appetite and maintain weight.

However, avoid high-calorie drinks, such as soda and flavored drinks, because they contain a lot of sugar.

6. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality can increase the risk of obesity and stress. Stress itself can increase fat accumulation if not managed properly.

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Therefore, in order to lose weight drastically in a healthy way, you need to get enough sleep. The ideal sleep time for adults is 7–9 hours each night.

When you’re on a diet, it’s best if you don’t aim to lose a lot of weight. Rapid weight loss tends to be difficult to maintain and poses a risk to health.

Weight loss will be more effective if you lose weight slowly and gradually, making it easier to maintain it. During weight loss, you also need to provide the best nutrition for the body.

If you want to lose weight drastically by following a certain diet, you should first consult with your doctor, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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