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4 Debm diet menu for a week

Purebun.com – 4 Debm diet menu for a week. You can vary the debm diet menu for a week. Going on a diet has a goal to lose weight until it reaches the ideal weight. It is the dream of women to have the desired weight. One of the diet methods that you can apply is debm.

This diet is a diet that does not torture someone who lives it. The debm diet is an abbreviation of the happy happy diet. This DEBM diet applies a pattern that focuses on the Debm diet food menu. This diet focuses on reducing foods containing carbohydrates and instead adding fat and protein intake as a menu taboo in the Debm diet.

You are not advised to eat foods such as noodles, sugar, potatoes, flour, sweet potatoes, cassava and various foods with processed flour. You are advised to eat healthy foods such as vegetables that contain less carbohydrates such as radishes, carrots and beans. You can also eat foods from fish such as salmon, tuna, egg whites, lean goat, lean beef and lean chicken breast. Then for a snack you can have avocado or eggs. While the recommended exercise is walking and drinking enough water.

Debm diet menu recipe for a week

4 Debm diet menu for a week

You can vary the debm diet menu for a week. The recipe for the weekly debm diet menu is as follows:

  • Scrambled chickpeas eggs as a week’s debm diet menu

Green beans are one type of vegetable that is highly recommended to be used as a meal menu in carrying out the DEBM diet. This is because these vegetables have a fairly high fiber content. Thus you can feel full for a long time.

In addition, the high fiber content in food can make your digestive tract smoother. The ingredients needed are very easy, namely eggs, garlic, beans, chilies, tomatoes, broth and oil.

Then how to make it is very easy. You just need to stir-fry all the ingredients and seasonings and combine them with eggs. When the food smells good, you can add the beans that you have cut and stir until cooked.

  • Cheese Martabak

When on a dbem diet you are still allowed to eat snacks or snacks. You can eat cheese martabak with this delicious menu. This cheese martabak can be an option because it does not contain flour in it. The debm diet has a delicious diet tagline so you can still eat delicious and healthy food while on this diet.

The ingredients are plain agar, eggs, cheese, low-calorie sugar and margarine and baking powder. How to make it is also very easy, namely by adding ingredients such as plain gelatin, grated cheese, baking powder and eggs. Stir all the ingredients until it looks white and also expands. Then you can prepare Teflon and spread it using margarine. Then you can add the martabak dough and let it sit until it turns brown. Use low heat when cooking. When the color is brown you can give grated cheese on top and then fold the martabak.

  • Fat coffee

For someone who really likes coffee but has to go on a diet, there is no need to worry because you can try this coffee. This coffee is not sugared as usual but the sugar is replaced by butter.

The ingredients are very simple, namely water, butter and black ground coffee. Then how to make it is also very easy. You just need to combine the three ingredients and stir until combined.

  • Shirataki noodle fry

Wow, it turns out that you can eat fried foods while on a diet by using shirataki noodles which are quite low in carbohydrates. The ingredients are also very easy, namely boiled shirataki noodles, eggs, grated cheese, broth, pepper, scallions and margarine.

How to make it is also very easy, you only need to combine all the ingredients and you can pour it into a mold that you could previously smear with margarine. Let stand for at least 15 minutes and wait until cooked.


Debm diet menu a week you should consume regularly every day. Eating foods according to the Debm diet menu can help you lose weight. In addition, the recommended menu is also a healthy menu and contains many nutrients.

During your diet it is recommended to eat nutritious foods and contain vitamins that can meet your body’s daily needs. Eating healthy foods can also provide benefits for maintaining a healthy body. eating fruit is also highly recommended for someone who is on a diet program. In addition, you also have to do regular exercise so that fat in the body does not accumulate. So doing a diet is the same as implementing a healthy lifestyle.

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